Monthly Archives: November 2015

Thankful For Recovery

By Aaron Emerson

As Thanksgiving is now upon us here in the US, I am so damn thankful for the life recovery has allowed me to live. I could go on and on and bore you with the most enormous gratitude list one could make, but I won’t do that to you. I simply want to tell you how thankful I am that I gave recovery a shot and let you know anyone can beat addiction.

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A few years ago my Thanksgivings were anything BUT happy or thankful. I would be lucky if I could even hold down some turkey. My life was miserable and I had a way of bringing people around me down, too. I was addicted to heroin. Today I have two jobs I love and am getting close to earning an Associate’s Degree in Journalism.

It wasn’t easy getting here and I still have a lot of daily battles, including some depression. But one of the most important parts of my recovery that I try to relay to others is that there was a time where I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE to stay sober. I know there are thousands of addicts out there at this very moment, totally hopeless, wondering if they will ever be “normal” or be able to go a day or two without a fix.

It’s so important that they know it is possible. Not only that, though. Not only is sobriety and recovery possible, but HAPPINESS is possible, too. Happiness without drugs seemed foreign to me at one time, but here I am, and you or your loved one can do this, too. I promise.

That’s why I am thankful today. I am so grateful for God putting the necessary people in my life to show me the possibilities. It is my hope that I or my message can inspire somebody the way people did in my addiction. There is a life beyond addiction, and I found it. That is why I am thankful for this Thanksgiving!